Edgeware Blockchain

Edgeware is the fairest distributed governance experiment turned into a self-sustainable ecosystem without any kind of funding. Edgeware introduced the 'Lockdrop' mechanism to the whole crypto space to follow and got participation from big names in the industry like Binance, Coinbase Ventures, Aragon DAO, Framework Ventures, etc. VCs, teams, DAOs, and individuals. Lockdrop's rules didn't differentiate between institutions and retail investors. 90% of Edgeware's token supply was distributed to ETH holders using the lockdrop mechanism, in which ETH was not swapped with EDG. After the locking period, participants were able to withdraw the exact ETH they deposited into the lockdrop smart contracts. The founding team allocated 4.5% of the total supply to themselves; 2.5% of the EDGs were reserved for community incentives; and the founder of the substrate framework, 'Parity Technologies', was given 3% of the total supply. That's how Edgeware achieved fair distribution at the genesis without any kind of token sale. Then, in February 2020, Edgeware Solochain's mainnet was launched with full democracy. As of now, Edgeware has two smart contract environments on a single solochain, namely EdgeEVM and EdgeWASM, based on Parity's Frontier and Contracts pallets. Due to the wide distribution at one point, the Edgeware community collectively voted against a proposal by the founder, Commonwealth Labs, due to the high premium charged, and since then, Edgeware is not run by any single centralized team but rather by multiple solo contributors and teams. Edgeware's on-chain treasury, which is 'owned by no one but governed by everyone', is the backbone behind the sustainability of the ecosystem, along with the deflationary inflation that supports the treasury and network security (validators and nominators). All the contributors' incentives, developments, integrations, incubations, etc. are funded through the on-chain treasury. The Edgeware community incubated a whole new Kusama parachain (Kabocha) from the on-chain treasury.

Edgeware not only incubates projects but also incubates people!

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