Phase 1: Foundation (Q1-Q2)

Establishing the Governance Framework:

- Design and implement the smart contract infrastructure for token-based governance using a standardized framework.

- Define voting mechanisms, proposal submission process, and quorum requirements to ensure inclusive decision-making.

Token Distribution and Treasury Formation:

- Conduct an initial distribution event to allocate EDGV tokens among early adopters, contributors, and strategic partners.

- Create a multichain treasury system capable of managing assets across various blockchains to enhance diversification and mitigate risks.

Launching Edgeverse DAO as a Subdao in Edgeware:

- Integrate Edgeverse DAO into the Edgeware blockchain ecosystem by deploying it as a subdao.

- Establish seamless interoperability between Edgeverse DAO's governance mechanisms and Edgeware's existing smart contract capabilities.

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