Edgeware Ecosystem

Edgeverse DAO plays a vital role in optimizing market liquidity for the EDG token. By repurchasing EDG from the market and reinvesting the funds into various projects within the Edgeware ecosystem, the DAO ensures that these supplies are exclusively allocated for project investment and not available for trading purposes. This approach helps to enhance market liquidity by reducing potential sell pressure and promoting long-term growth.

To further support seamless trading experiences, Edgeverse DAO offers market-making services for all EDG pairs and projects within the Edgeware ecosystem. Through its expertise in providing liquidity and support, the DAO contributes to creating a vibrant trading environment that benefits investors and stakeholders.

In order to enhance the functionality of the Edgeware Blockchain and provide greater value and utility, Edgeverse DAO proposes utilizing the Treasury within the staked coin output model. This approach aims to balance and sustainably utilize the Treasury's resources, promoting stability and long-term growth for the Edgeware ecosystem.

Additionally, Edgeverse DAO seeks to establish a legal entity that will enable listing EDG on fiat-on-ramps and exchanges. This initiative aims to increase accessibility and adoption of EDG by providing avenues for users to easily purchase or trade it with fiat currencies.

Overall, Edgeverse DAO serves as a crucial component in driving innovation, funding new projects, optimizing market liquidity, and enhancing the value proposition of the Edgeware ecosystem.

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