Edgeware ecosystem’s highlights:

  • High performant being a substrate solochain. Dual smart contract environments (EdgeEVM and EdgeWASM) to leverage the full potential.

  • The oldest substrate mainnet. (The second substrate mainnet launched right after kusama.)

  • The most fair distribution was achieved via the industry's first lockdrop mechanism, which airdropped 90% of the supply to the Ethereum holders. Binance, Coinbase Ventures, Framework Ventures, KR1, Waterdrip Capital, Hashkey Capital, LedgerPrime, and Aragon are the entities/VCs/DAOs that announced their lockdrop participation publicly. Every single Lockdrop participant had the same algorithmic participation methods and rules as others, irrespective of whether they were VCs or day-to-day enthusiasts.

  • Bootstrapped without any token sale or VC backing.

  • Decentralized in every aspect, being a true chainDAO. Completely community-owned and not just community-run.

  • It started as a governance experiment but became a self-sustainable ecosystem due to a community-governed balance between inflation and Treasury spending. (The community so far funded diverse types of proposals, like those for developments, integrations, incubations, even social goods and not-for-profit initiatives, through the on-chain treasury, which is accessible only through the on-chain democracy.)

  • Dramatic history where the community collectively voted against the founding team's over-budgeted treasury proposal and took over the ecosystem responsibility when the team moved away from responsibilities.

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