In the development of Edgeverse DAO, we harness the power of the Aragon OSx DAO Framework. This cutting-edge framework empowers our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) by providing a robust and secure operating system specifically designed for decentralized governance. With Aragon OSx, Edgeverse DAO benefits from advanced features, streamlined decision-making processes, and enhanced security, ensuring a seamless and efficient management structure within the decentralized ecosystem. Join us as we leverage the Aragon OSx DAO Framework to shape the future of Edgeverse DAO with innovation and decentralized collaboration.

A comprehensive exploration of the Aragon OSx protocol reveals its underlying structural components and their respective roles. The governance layer is formed by the framework DAO, which serves as the backbone of decision-making processes. Concurrently, the code layer encompasses the framework and core contracts, relying on external libraries and services to facilitate seamless integration and functionality within the protocol's framework.

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